Smart Home Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock

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Smart Home Keyless  Fingerprint Door Lock

 Isn’t it annoying to always carry a bunch of keys with you all the time? Or getting locked out of your house because you forget to bring the keys with you. To solve these headaches, we created this Smart Home Keyless  Fingerprint Door Lock, an ultra smart lock to make life much easier! No need for keys or passwords, just use your fingerprint to unlock your door. 


1.Your Finger is Your Key

By utilizing the Swedish imported FPC fingerprint sensor and semiconductor biometric fingerprint technology, We.lock  can store an up to 999 fingerprints. It can store 3 administrators and 996 other users; plenty of space to give all your family and friends access to your home easily.

2.Remote Controller to Unlock Your Door

Forgot to close to the door? Got your hand full with other things? No worries, the remote control can solve all your problems. Open the door with a single push of a button wherever you are. 

3.Mobile Phone App To Unlock Your Door

Connect the smart lock phone app to the smart lock with its highly secured Bluetooth connection. Never get locked out again and always have access to your home no matter where you are.



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