Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

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Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

 The cool and stylish Remote Control Wall Climbing Car is made of premium long lasting ABS plastic ensuring resistance from impact. Special vacuum feature design allows the car to drive vertically like climbing walls. The Mini RC Car has a lightweight yet heavy duty body that won't break if it falls from the ceiling or wall. It has two modes, WALL and FLOOR mode. Not only it can be used as a wall climbing car, but also a regular remote car; Forward and Reverse, Turn Left/Right,360 Degree Rotating,and Stop with Brake Lights. This Toy car can be drove on any smooth surface, such as Walls, Floors, Windows, even Ceilings. Against gravity with a powerful suction fan, please do not drive it on hollow, non-planar, the track must be smooth or glassy. Two headlights turn on when the wall climber moves forwards, and both rear lights turn on when the wall climber moves backwards. Moves left, and the left front lights come on and when the RC car moves right, the right front lights turn on. Auto shut-off helps conserve battery life. 


  • car
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  • (require batteries)

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