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Excelente produto. Funciona muito bem, testei segurando uma forma bem quente, confortavelmente, desde o forno até uma mesa que estava um pouco distante. Senti aquecer aos poucos, mas, em nenhum momento, ficou quente. Já estou usando há vários dias e estou bem satisfeita. Só tem um problema, não cabe numa mão grande, a mão até entra, mas não cabem os dedos da luva ficam curtos. Por isso, postei fotos com as medidas.


The Furgle chair was a mind blowingly good purchase. Something really unexpected when dealing with any of these “gaming chairs”. I took a gamble on this chair after spending weeks looking for a good fit for my new home office. It was between this and some of the more traditional executive office chairs. The packaging and materials is top of the line. The screws were packaged with a separate plastic bag in the accessory box. Details reflect value. I love its rocking function, it allows me to relax my sedentary waist without having to get up. The cool look, the ergonomic design, the built-in headrest, and the powerful back support are also the reasons I gave it 5 stars. It is also worth mentioning that the armrests can not only be adjusted up, down, left and right, but also forward, backward, and inside and outside. This allows me to get the most suitable forearm support whether i am sitting upright to work or relying on rest. Thanks for making an incredible product..

val fret

I have this ring on right now! I received this ring in Louisiana in 3 days. Today is day 15 that it has been on my finger. I am a very busy mom that works anywhere between 12-14 hr shifts at a petroleum refinery. This ring is still as gorgeous as the day I received it!! You definitely will NOT be disappointed!! The pictures are from today, day 15 that it has been on my finger without ever taking it off.

Kellie Russel


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